Making a difference


It's about making a difference together - powered by water.

There are  thousands of people - people just like you - who really want to do something to help or give back, but do nothing, because they think they don't have enough to give, or not enough that would make a difference anyway. It's not what you don't have or can't do BUT what you do have and can do!!!

By choosing to purchase Water for a Cause you not only quench your thirst, but you become socially active with your purchase and help, Water for a Cause to be the most effective water around the Globe.

Unique to us is our model of giving and making a difference 4 ways with one purchase.

Make a difference in:
1.    your own life
2.    the life of an individual needing water in an underdeveloped country
3.    funding a cause that is close to your heart
4.    fundraise for a specific person, cause or group.

Every time you purchase a bottle, carton or pallet of Water for a Cause you're creating a flow on effect of giving, support and connection.